Thomas R. Bond II Height

Thomas Ross Bond II is a movie producer and director, and son of actor Tommy Bond , who played "Butch" the bully in the original "Little Rascals" and actress Polly Bond. Bond started out in radio at the age of 13 years old as the youngest broadcaster in the nation. Bond`s first show "Hey Listen" was the first of its kind having a young people`s show hosted by a young person. Because of his IQ of 160 he quickly adapted to the world, of adults, gathering interviews with famous notables, such as Kirk Douglas, Jack Lemmon, Michael Douglas, Mickey Rooney, John Houseman, Pope John Paul II, Ray Charles, Dennis Morgan, Ray Stevens, Bob Barker, among many others, as well as exclusive news reports, earning him respect among his adult peers. In 1979 he became News Director at Dellar Broadcasting at the age of 15 years old, and in 1980 hosted and was segment producer on the Capital Cities show, "Valley Mainstreet". Bond received national press attention, being featured in US Magazine, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Billboard magazine among many others. In 1980 he received a Commendation Resolution by the State of California for his government and civic efforts, and was nominated for an Emmy and Peabody Award. In 1981, he was made "Youth Ambassador" of UNICEF by the United Nations. In 1983 he left journalism for movie production. Bond was heavily influenced by directors Mervyn LeRoy, and Frank Capra, in which Bond owes most of his knowledge in directing and producing. In 1984 he started filming "Clingan`s Junction" a Civil War picture, but towards the end of the filming in 1985, it was destroyed in a fire where his Aunt, actress Maryellen Sennett and Grandmother were were severely injured. In 1987 Bond worked on several projects in production, and during this time acquired the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, the oldest movie company in America established in 1895. By 1991, the American Mutoscope and Biograph Company was re-incorporated in California, and set out to produce his second feature film, Bob`s Night Out, and into pre-production in 1994.In 1996 during the last of the filming, history repeated itself again. His entire family was severely injured in a massive car accident that left his parents handicapped, and his Aunt with brain damage. After a break from the movie industry to repair the damage and his life, Bond continued on with Biograph. Bond`s company received a monument on Hollywood and Vine commemorating his company`s film In Old California which was the first movie made in Hollywood. However, in April of 2005 the 28 ton monument was stolen. Because Bond and his family felt it was an "Inside job" and that this was a slap in the face from the district of Hollywood to his company and the Latino community, Bond vowed never to film any project in the District of Hollywood, or to have Biograph based there, ever again. Now, Biograph is located in Los Angeles, California and produces and packages feature films and commercial productions and has recently opened a wireless entertainment division and a studio division. Bond`s vision is for Biograph to become the "Haven" for independent film-makers who do not wish to be controlled by the big Hollywood corporate structure, and to truly make an artistic and ethical difference in the entertainment industry.

How tall is Thomas R. Bond II?

Thomas R. Bond II height in feet: 5' 11"

Thomas R. Bond II height in cm: 180 cm

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Thomas physical characteristics

Eye colorHazel
Hair colorBrown - Dark
Body shapeAverage


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