Sven Boekhorst Height

Sven Boekhorst started skating in the early 1990s in Den Bosch, Netherlands. In 2000 he won every contest, which includes winning the Triple Crown (winning X-Games, Gravity Games and World Championships). In his years as a professional skater he also had a character in a videogame: Aggressive Inline, performed three weeks in a big theatre show on Broadway, NYC, with a theatre group from Amsterdam and got his own Rollerblade pro model "Sven Boekhorst" skate.

How tall is Sven Boekhorst?

Sven Boekhorst height in feet: 5' 9"

Sven Boekhorst height in cm: 175 cm

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Sven physical characteristics

Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Body shapeAthletic


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