Ex Terry Bogard Height

Terry Bogard is a fictional video game character created by SNK playmore,and is the main character of the Fatl Fury series.in the series,he is an American fighter who enter the worldwide tournaments called the "King Of Fighters".In Mark Of The Wolves and in other recent games,Terry design a consits of a brown bomber jacket with a white star on the black with the words "Running Wild" below it,as well was white shirt,blue jeans,and brown boots.his hair,while still notably long,is considerable shorter than his former ponytail,and flows freely instead of braiding it.all of main "King Of Fighters" game up until 2002 feature Terry in his Fatal Fury outfit the "King Of Fighters" 2005 and X1 feature Mark Of The Wolves deception.In the "King Of Fighters" X11,Terry was given his Fatal Fury 2 outfit once again because the staff wanted to "use the most macho,start out,original Terry" as well as to keep in line with the "original clashing of fist.

How tall is Ex Terry Bogard?

Ex Terry Bogard height in feet: 6' 3"

Ex Terry Bogard height in cm: 190 cm

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Ex-Terry physical characteristics

Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Body shapeBodybuilder


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