Elizabeth Blanctorche Height

Elizabeth is the last known remaining Blanctorche,a family of nobles in France who supposedly protect the innocent.She is a childhood friend of Ash Crimson and they were raised in the same mention together.She used to act as his older sister figure,until a fire burn down the mention and many of her clans men to the ground.As the sole Blanctorche,she lives with her Butler,Jacques,near the remains of her family`s home.She initially invites Ben Imaru Nikaido and Duo Lon to France to reveal that she knows the betrayal of Ron and the burning of the Hizoku Village.They inform Kagura`s mirror and she decides to join them.With the trio bended with the entrust to take down Ash,they form the rival team and she eventually scolds Ash for seeming to forsake their mission.Though surprised by the youth`s new power,she swears to stop him in her teams ending.Before meeting with Dou Lon and Shen Woo,she revisits the burned down mention where she and Ash spent their childhood with the handfull of photographs from the area in her hand.During her meeting with her guest`s,she becomes aware of their intents to join the "King Of Fighters" tournament with her and Ash`s location in Paris.Although she just missed him,Elizabeth knows that he was there and fortifies her will to stop him.She reunites with Ash in the final act of the tournament only moments after Ash eraises Saiki from existence.She yells her protest to his selfish decision,stating that she wanted to bring Ash back home with her.When he disapperes with his apolojies,Elizabeth mourns over the only memento he left behind:his headband.She is very serious and strict high class member of nobility.Once she has decided to do something,she`ll do whatever it takes to get it done.Perhapes due to her up bringing,she doesn`t find it urgent to always keep her promise meetings with her teammates of lower stature.Though she is the one who invites them to her dwelling,she arrives tardy and usaully tenounies them within a few moments of their conversation.She fondly thinks of Ash as her younger brother,but she has since prepared herself to stop him at any costs.Elizabeth finds condolence with her pleasent,elderly Butler,as he is the only one near her who knows the details of her past with Ash.

How tall is Elizabeth Blanctorche?

Elizabeth Blanctorche height in feet: 5' 8"

Elizabeth Blanctorche height in cm: 173 cm

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Elizabeth physical characteristics

Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlack
Body shapeSlim


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